Secrets of Successful Web Sites

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Januar 1997



Visual case studies (National Geographic, Porsche, Intel, etc.) reveal the insider secrets of managing a Web project, forming an effective designer/client relationship, setting up budgets and schedules, and more. This is the definitive business resource for Web site developer and their clients.


I. 1. Land Rover-Adjacency Brand New Media. 2. Pyramid Breweries-Worker Bees and Brazil Design Group. 3. HIV in Site-Art Science W3 Development. 4. Convomania-Clear Ink. 5. Salon-In House. 6. Lucent College Recruitment-Studio Verso. 7. Stolichnaya-Margeotes | Fertitta + Partners. 8. National Geographic-Big Hand, Inc., Methodfive, Second. 9. Doonesbury-Headland Digital Media. 10. Fabric-In House. 11. Virgin Records America-Ikonic, Inc. 12. The RREEF Funds-Studio Verso. 13. Porsche USA-The Designory. 14. The Hamptons-Evantide Graphical. 15. Women's Wire-In House. II. 1. Clients Are from Mars, Contractors Are from Venus. 2. The Value of Design. 3. Partnering (for Clients). 4. Partnering (for Contractors). 5. Setup. 6. The Project Site. 7. Phase One-Strategy and Tactics. 8. Phase Two-Content Development and Design. 9. Phase Three-Production. 10. Phase Four-Launch and Maintenance. 11. The Adventure Continues.
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