Constitutionalizing Economic Globalization: Investment Rules and Democracy's Promise

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Mai 2008



Critical examination of the regime governing international economic relations in the realm of foreign investment.


Introduction: the new constitutional order; Part I. Rules: 1. The investment rules regime; 2. The takings rule; 3. Investment rules in action; Part II. Projects: 4. Health and the environment; 5. Land and empowerment; 6. Privatization and democratization; Part III. Resistance: 7. Citizenship; 8. The rule of law; 9. A world of possibilities.


David Schneiderman is Professor of Law and Political Science at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law.


'Constitutionalising Economic Globalisation offers insightful commentary on some of the ongoing problems with international investment law, for example the regime's often opaque and unpredictable rules as well as its difficulty in accommodating genuine economic crises and environmental issues. As an author Schneiderman is an assiduous researcher (the case studies on Latin America and South Africa are particularly impressive) and for these reasons alone the book should be read by anyone with an interest in international investment law, especially those familiar with political philosophy. ... the application of domestic constitutional principles to the field of international investment law is a unique approach done skilfully.' Cambridge Law Journal
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