Cervantes's Novel of Modern Times: A New Reading of Don Quijote

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"(A) major reinterpretation of Cervantes's great novel. . . . In the most lucid prose, David Quint proposes that the relation of Don Quixote to its own 'modern' times and to the modernity of the novel form itself has been seriously misunderstood."--Maria DiBattista, Princeton University.
"This book presents a strong new reading of Cervantes. It also implicitly contests Vladimir Nabokov's influential interpretation of Don Quijote as a 'crude' book. Quint's study--with its impeccable scholarship and meticulous demonstrations of interlace--corrects such pretentiously jaunty readings."--Diana de Armas Wilson, University of Denver


PREFACE ix ACKNOWLEDGMENTS xv DON QUIJOTE, PART ONE 1 ONE Cervantes's Method and Meaning 3 Interlace 3 Arms and Letters 7 Luscinda at the Window 15 The Two Loves of Don Quijote 17 TWO "Dulcinea" 22 Cardenio and Anselmo 25 Cardenio, Quijote, Amadis, Orlando 30 Camila and Marcela: What Is the Woman to Do?38 Happy Ending and Mystification 50 Love and Chivalry 53 THREE "Princess Micomicona" 57 Zoraida and the Princess 60 Modern Marriage 73 Social Mobility, Generic Mix 76 Coda:"Nuestra Senora" 86 DON QUIJOTE, PART TWO 91 FOUR The Gentler, Wiser Don Quijote 93 Structure 95 The Two Quijotes 100 Don Diego de Miranda and Don Quijote 107 Camacho and Basilio 115 A New Don Quijote 123 Preaching to the Bandits 128 FIVE Aristocrats 131 Cruel Readers 133 Courtiers versus Knights 143 Justice 152 Paying Up 158 NOTES 163 INDEX 189


David Quint is George M. Bodman Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Yale University. He is the author of "Epic and Empire" and "Montaigne and the Quality of Mercy" (both Princeton)


"David Quint has managed to write a book that will be of interest to anyone who wants to read Don Quijote for the first time, or who has already read it, or who, in the celebratory fashion of Alonso Quijano himself, desires to reread and reread it, but perhaps with a new perspective."--Mary Quinn, Society for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies Bulletin "Quint's approach is stimulating and insightful."--Choice "There is much more that could be said of this appealing and suggestive new interpretation of Don Quijote. But it is for the reader to encounter the pleasures of the critical text, the magic of analogy, and the amazement of interlacing. Adding a dab of modernity and monetary practices to the whole project further enhances the value of this multi-faceted book. David Quint has produced an exciting and important new reading of Cervante's novel."--Frederick A. De Armas, Studies in the Novel "Cervante's Novel of Modern Times. A New Reading of Don Quijote ... is an innovative reading which examines the narrative geometries of the novel, its architectural and thematic unity, arguing that interlace techniques allowed C. to reflect upon the historical transition from feudalism to a moneyed, commercial, modern society, exploring the impact of crucial social and economic changes in the Castilian mentality."--Carmen Peraita, The Year's Work in Modern Language Studies "This important new book ... offers multitudes of insights... David Quint ... has made a valuable contribution to the study of the novel."--Carroll B. Johnson, Cervantes
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