Effective Oracle Database 10g Security by Design

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Oracle security expert David Knox explains how to design and develop an integrated, secure Oracle environment. "In my experience in the security world, including 32 years at the Central Intelligence Agency, I've not found anyone with more experience in the theory and practice of protecting your data than David Knox." --Dave Carey, former Executive Director of the CIA


<H2> PART I Quick Start<H3> 1 General Security Best Practices<H3> 2 Securing the Database<H2> PART II Identification and Authentication<H3> 3 Understanding Identification and Authentication<H3> 4 Connection Pools and Proxy Authentication<H3> 5 Identity Management and Enterprise Users<H3> 6 Identification and Authentication for Web Applications<H2> PART III Authorizations and Auditing<H3> 7 Privileges and Roles<H3> 8 Effective Auditing for Accountability<H2> PART IV Fine-Grained Access Control<H3> 9 Application Contexts for Security and Performance<H3> 10 Implementing Fine-Grained Access Controls with Views<H3> 11 Row-Level Security with Virtual Private Database<H3> 12 Oracle Label Security<H3> 13 Database Encryption<H2> PART V Appendixes<H3> A Setting Up the Security Manager<H3> B DATA_CRYPTO Package<H3> C DBMS_CRYPTO Performance Test Results


David Knox (Chantilly, VA) is the Chief Engineer for Oracle's Information Assurance Center - Oracle Corporation's Security Center of Excellence. Mr. Knox joined Oracle Corporation in June 1995. While at Oracle, Mr. Knox has worked on many security programs for the US Department of Defense, various Intelligence Agencies, Healthcare and Financial Services industries. His knowledge in computer security derives not only from working knowledge and experience with Oracle's security products and database security, but also his academic studies in the areas of multilevel security, cryptography, LDAP, and PKI. David earned a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Maryland and a master's degree in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University.
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