Evaluating Teachers of Music Performance Groups

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September 2006



Evaluating Teachers of Music Performance Groups provides a practical approach to evaluating teachers of music performance groups that can be used by supervisors, educators, and students.


Part 1 Introduction Part 2 Part One: Basic Documents Chapter 3 Overview of the Evaluation Plan Chapter 4 Evaluative Criteria Chapter 5 Standards Chapter 6 Job Descriptions Part 7 Part Two: The Evaluation Process Chapter 8 General Considerations Chapter 9 The Goal-Setting Conference Chapter 10 The Pre-Observation Conference Chapter 11 The Observation Chapter 12 Analyzing Instruction Chapter 13 The Post-Observation Conference Chapter 14 Plans of Assistance Chapter 15 A Final Word


David P. Doerksen is a retired chair of music education at the University of Oregon School of Music. He has taught instrumental and vocal music from elementary through the university levels, and was supervisor of music for the Salem, Oregon school district for nine years.


A timely update! -- Bill Larson, music supervisor, Great Falls, Montana (ret.), former president, NW Division, MENC and Lowell Mason Fellow Dr. Doerksen's guide is an invaluable resource for administrators and music supervisors. The practical suggestions and specific procedures directed to the teachers of musical performance will be gratefully welcomed by school districts and university settings. -- Dr. Dee Hansen, associate professor, Baker University and president, Kansas Music Educators Association This update offers a straightforward approach to the evaluation of music ensemble instructors. Doerksen provides a system and suggests criteria that will help future and practicing educators assess their own teaching and gives administrators the tools necessary to conduct meaningful reviews of faculty working with performing ensembles. It is good to have this back in print. -- Frank Heuser, associate professor of music education, UCLA Doerksen's handbook provides a detailed road map for raising the district's standard of music performance. Education Review Very valuable and very practical. I've been using this evaluation system for quite some time. It's been highly successful in stimulating the progress of good and average teachers. It's the most practical guide to music teacher evaluation that exists and the best one that I am aware of. -- Karl Raschkes, supervisor of music, Salem-Keizer School District (OR)
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