Extreme Science

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August 2008



Describes the very limits of science. This title answers such questions as How did the universe begin? How will it end? Will we ever visit the stars? Could we bring dinosaurs back to life? Can we travel back in time? Could we live forever? It features fiction story "The Man in the Machine" that tells a story of universes living inside computers.


Get the Facts 1. Beginnings and Endings 2. Will we ever visit the Stars? 3. Time Travel 4. Bringing Dinosaurs to life 5. Intelligent machines 6. Could we live forever? Fiction: The Man in the Machine Word Check


David Orme was a teacher for 18 years before he became a full time writer. When he is not writing books he travels around the country, giving performances, running writing workshops and running courses. David has written over 200 books including poetry collections and anthologies, fiction and non-fiction, and school text books.
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