Knight Hospitaller

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The Knights Hospitaller became a formidable military order in the Holy Land. This study discusses how the warrior knights were recruited and trained, and how they lived and fought. It also explores the role they played in the cultural, political and economic development of the Christian empire.


Introduction & Historical Background; Chronology; The Origins and Formation of the Hospitallers; Recruitment and Training; Organisation and Structure of the Order; Motivation and Morale; Costume, Weaponry, Harness, etc.; Strategy and Tactics; Support Services and Early Naval Activity; Everyday Life; Hospitaller Fortifications; Collections and Major Related Sites; Bibliography; Glossary


Dr David Nicolle was born in 1944 and worked for the BBC before returning to university in Edinburgh, where he obtained his PhD. He subsequently taught at Yarmouk University in Jordan. He is a specialist in medieval arms and armour, and has written many books as well as numerous articles for specialist journals. He has also presented papers at many international conferences. Christa Hook is one of Osprey's most popular illustrators, a reputation justly deserved given the perfect blend of attention to detail and narrative realisation that penetrates her artwork. Her work for Osprey to date includes several joint collaborations with her father Richard, as well as Warrior I Norman Knight, Warrior 10 Saracen Faris, and Campaign 56 Eggmuhl 1809.
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