Dying to Care: Work, Stress and Burnout in HIV/AIDS Professionals

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Based on major multi-centre research in the UK, Dying to Care identifies why work stress is a problem in health care generally, and in HIV health care in particular. The similarities and differences between work stress experienced in general health care settings and in HIV/AIDS are explored in a state-of-the-art review of research and experience in the field to date. The book has a practical focus, and goes on to explore ways in which the unique stresses of patient advocacy in HIV/AIDS can be addressed, identifying the best approaches for management. Highlighting the practical importance of a clear distinction between the burnout and work stress for design of strategies for burnout prevention, the emergence of the concept of burnout is described and the general historical confusion between work stress and burnout examined. This will be a key handbook for managers, physicians, nurses, social workers, health advisors and counsellors working in or alongside healthcare.


Introduction 1. Occupational Stress and Burnout 2. Symptoms of Burnout 3. Empirical Evidence 4. Burnout in the Context of HIV/AIDS 5. Burnout in HIV/AIDS Care in Developing Countries 6. Management of Burnout and Work Stress
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