Understanding Scotland

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Understanding Scotland has been recognised since publication as the key text on the sociology of Scotland. This wholly revised edition provides the first sustained study of post-devolution Scottish society. It contains new material on:
* the establishment of the Scottish parliament in 1999
* social and political data from the 1997 general elections
* the new cultural iconography of Scotland
* Scotland as a European society.
For anyone wishing to understand Scottish society in particular or the general issues involved in nation building, McCrone's clear-headed coherently argued account of the main issues will be essential reading.


1. The Making of Modern Scotland 2. What is Scotland? 3. Understanding Scotland's Development 4. Getting on in Scotland 5. Power and Politics in a Cold Country 6. Scottish Culture: Images and Icons 7. Roots and Routes: Seeking Scottish Identity 8. The Sociology of a Nation.


'The balance of theory, data and analysis is just right ... anyone with an interest in the changing social and political contours of late twentieth century Europe should read this book.' - Gordon Marshall, Chief Executive ESRC
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Untertitel: The Sociology of a Nation. 2 Rev ed. 25 black & white tables. Sprache: Englisch.
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