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August 2005



A fascinating portrait of literary and theatrical life in late Victorian England, thronged with vividly drawn characters, but at its centre a tale of an author who never achieved fame in his own lifetime or resolved his sexual identity.


David Lodge is the author of eleven bestselling novels, a novella and numerous works of literary criticism, including Consciousness and the Novel. He also wrote two highly successful TV adaptations: his own novel NICE WORK and Dickens' MARTIN CHUZZLEWIT. He taught for many years at the University of Birmingham, where he is now Honorary Prof of English. Though a south Londoner by upbringing, he continues to live in Birmingham. David Lodge's novels include Changing Places, Small World, Nice Work, Therapy and, most recently, Thinks... He has also written numerous works of literary criticism, including Consciousness and the Novel, The Art of Fiction and The Practice of Writing, which are available in Penguin.


A bold new departure for Lodge... his portrait of Henry James explores an interaction of fragility and strength, delicacy and force. ("The New York Review of Books")
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