American Popular Music

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This text provides an overview of the four major areas of American contemporary music: jazz, rock, country, and musical theater. Each genre is approached chronologically with the emphasis on the socio-cultural aspects of the music. Readers will appreciate Joyner's engaging writing style and come away with the fundamental skills needed to listen critically to a variety of popular music styles. .


Part ITin Pan Alley and the Theater
Chapter 1 Tin Pan Alley and American Popular Song
Chapter 2 American Musical Theater
Part IIThe African-American Tradition
Chapter 3African Origins and Acculturation in the New World
Chapter 4Early Commercialization of African-American Music
Chapter 5American Blues Traditions
Chapter 6Jazz in New Orleans and Chicago
Chapter 7Jazz Pioneers in Chicago
Chapter 8Big Bands and the Swing Years
Chapter 9Popular Styles in Jazz Since the Swing Era
Part IIICountry Music and the Anglo-American Tradition
Chapter 10The Folk Origins of Country Music
Chapter 11Early Commercialization of Country Music
Chapter 12Country Meets Western
Chapter 13Nashville Becomes Music City, U.S.A.
Chapter 14From Bluegrass to Young Country
Part IVRock and the Gathering of America's Music
Chapter 15The Origins and Development of Early Rock
Chapter 16Fifties Pop and Folk Rock
Chapter 17The British Invasion
Chapter 18Psychedelic Rock and Roots Revivalists
Chapter 19Gospel, Soul, and Motown
Chapter 20From Progressive Rock to Reggae in the Seventies
Chapter 21Hard and Soft Rock in the Seventies
Chapter 22New Heights and High Tech in the Eighties
Chapter 23Many Sounds From Many Places in the Nineties
Chapter 24 Music in a New Millenium

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