American Popular Music

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This text provides an overview of the four major areas of American contemporary music: jazz, rock, country, and musical theater. Each genre is approached chronologically with the emphasis on the socio-cultural aspects of the music. Readers will appreciate Joyner's engaging writing style and come away with the fundamental skills needed to listen critically to a variety of popular music styles.


<h2>Part ITin Pan Alley and the Theater<h3>Chapter 1 Tin Pan Alley and American Popular Song<h3>Chapter 2 American Musical Theater<h2>Part IIThe African-American Tradition<h3>Chapter 3African Origins and Acculturation in the New World<h3>Chapter 4Early Commercialization of African-American Music<h3>Chapter 5American Blues Traditions<h3>Chapter 6Jazz in New Orleans and Chicago<h3>Chapter 7Jazz Pioneers in Chicago<h3>Chapter 8Big Bands and the Swing Years<h3>Chapter 9Popular Styles in Jazz Since the Swing Era<h2>Part IIICountry Music and the Anglo-American Tradition<h3>Chapter 10The Folk Origins of Country Music<h3>Chapter 11Early Commercialization of Country Music<h3>Chapter 12Country Meets Western<h3>Chapter 13Nashville Becomes Music City, U.S.A.<h3>Chapter 14From Bluegrass to Young Country<h2>Part IVRock and the Gathering of America's Music<h3>Chapter 15The Origins and Development of Early Rock<h3>Chapter 16Fifties Pop and Folk Rock<h3>Chapter 17The British Invasion<h3>Chapter 18Psychedelic Rock and Roots Revivalists<h3>Chapter 19Gospel, Soul, and Motown<h3>Chapter 20From Progressive Rock to Reggae in the Seventies<h3>Chapter 21Hard and Soft Rock in the Seventies<h3>Chapter 22New Heights and High Tech in the Eighties<h3>Chapter 23Many Sounds From Many Places in the Nineties<h3>Chapter 24 Music in a New Millenium

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