Science and Selection: Essays on Biological Evolution and the Philosophy of Science

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November 2000



Brings together many of Hull's most important essays on selection in one accessible volume.


Introduction; Part I. Selection in Biological Evolution: 1. Interactors versus vehicles; 2. Taking vehicles seriously; 3. A general analysis of selection, with Rod Langman and Sigrid Glenn; Part II. Selection in the Evolution of Science: 4. A mechanism and its metaphysics; 5. Why scientists behave scientifically; 6. What's wrong with invisible-hand explanations?; Part III. Testing our Views about Science: 7. A function for actual examples in philosophy of science; 8. The evolution of conceptual systems in science; 9. Testing philosophical claims about science; 10. That just don't sound right: a plea for real examples in philosophy of science; 11. Studying the study of science scientifically.


'This volume is one of the best collections of papers I have read in a long time.' International Studies in the Philosophy of Science 'All the papers collected here exemplify Hull's direct and clear-headed approach to philosophy. The papers include refinements to Hull's views in response to critics, some new theoretical developments and some new examples ... Hull makes interesting and productive suggestions for how to start work in some of these areas.' Biology and Philosophy
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