Roadmap for a New Wellness Story: 7 Steps to Enhance Health and Longevity

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"Roadmap for a New Wellness Story" creates systematic change to break through obstacles and achieve lasting health and longevity. Intentions need a strategy and plan. ROADMAP, the acronym for this seven-step program, mentors a mindset and practice of wellness. The exercises and work tools for each step guide readers to write their own wellness stories. The ROADMAP program integrates current research in healthcare, neuroscience, and strategic coaching to inform applications for success. "Roadmap for a New Wellness Story" incorporates the "New Life Story Workbook, " ROADMAP for Wellness Program, and "New Life Story Glossary" to write and practice a unique wellness story. The reader will be expertly guided through this proven program of seven clear, specific steps and 25 exercises to transform attitude to action for healthier lifestyles.

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