The Greatest Dot-To-Dot Super Challenge

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Februar 2008



These are definitely not your father's dot-to-dots. With no clues given to the final image, numbers into the thousands, and amazing detailed pictures, The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Super Challenge provides a whole new level of challenge and intrigue. Each puzzle is a work of art in its own right. When you complete a puzzle, you are rewarded with images that are themselves vivid and rich in detail and always surprising. Author and artist David Kalvitis continues his Dot-to-Dot revolution by continuing to create complex puzzles like the patent pending "Arrow" and "Compass" puzzles that provide unique methods for connecting points to reveal a picture. Other puzzle designs include Alpha Dots and ABC Sets as well as double page spreads with over 1,300 dots. Kalvitis always has older kids and adults in mind when designing his puzzles. With his ever-present attention to detail, increasingly complex images and fine-tuning of his craft with each new book, The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Super Challenge co

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Untertitel: 'Greatest Dot to Dot! Super Cha'. Empfohlen von 8 bis 21 Jahren. Sprache: Englisch.
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