Managing the Change Process: A Field Book for Change Agents, Team Leaders, and Reengineering Managers

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Oktober 1995



Here are the practical, proactive tools managers needed to get a handle on today's best change management strategies and ensure the success of their business improvement and turnaround efforts. Each of the change management strategies spelled out in this guide is firmly grounded in the extensive experience of Coopers & Lybrand, a Big 6 consulting firm with a dedicated change management practice. Each one has been company-tested in such organizations as Agway, New York Life, Prudential Direct, and the Office of Naval Intelligence. The result is a comprehensive analysis of the global changes confronting today's business leaders. It also includes proven strategies for managing major change, creating an organizational culture conductive to change, and leading change effectively.


How Organizations Are Changing.
Progress and Challenges in Organizational Change Management.
Managing Complex, Major Change.
Understanding the Human Change Process.
Motivating and Enabling Change.
Becoming an Effective Change Leader.
A Successful Approach to Change Management.
Tools, Techniques, and Remedial Work.
Apepndices: A: An Overview of Change Management History.
B: Perspectives on Change.
C: The Range of Change--An Early Progress Report.

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