Spread Betting the Forex Markets

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Covering the basics of spread betting and explaining why it has become such a viable alternative to trade, this work cuts through the industry jargon to help investors understand how this system works.


About the author Preface Introduction Part One - The Basics Spread Betting - The spread bet price - Time frames for trading - Trading in terms of pounds per point - The different contracts available and margin trading - Example of a trade Forex Explained - Background of the forex market - What is a currency pair? - The most traded currencies - Quoting conventions and terminology - Strength and weakness in forex - What moves the forex market? - The mechanics of trading forex - Why forex has become such a popular market Managing Risk - Position Sizing - Stop losses - managing the risk of being wrong - Risk versus reward - is the trade really worth doing? Technical Analysis Part Two - Trading Strategies Support and Resistance - Support and resistance - Example 1 - Support and resistance - Example 2 - Support and resistance - Example 3 - When support/resistance levels are broken... Trends and Trend Following - Examples of trending markets in forex - How to draw trend lines - Trend following - Example 1 - Trend following - Example 2 Indicators - A More Mathematical Approach to Trading - Relative Strength Index (RSI) - A twist on RSI - spotting divergences ...And Finally Index


David Jones has spent decades in exhaustive Bible study, including research into the Hebrew and Greek languages, plus the lifestyle of the Jews and Greeks during the days of Jesus and the apostle Paul. David and his wife Robbye have three adult children, one daughter and two sons, plus five grandkids. The Joneses travel the country holding The Power of Grace in Everyday Living seminars. They make their home in Houston, Texas where David, founder/CEO of Dave Jones Ministries, is Bishop of Church and Ministerial Alliance International.
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