Qms Conversion: A Process Approach

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August 2002



-- Provides process modeling and analysis techniques-- Focus on results-- Achieve real business benefits with ISO 9000: 2000Until recently, the focus of quality standards was on conformity to requirements and often quite independent of business needs. As a consequence many organizations failed to realize any significant business benefit. Along with other changes in the updated 2000 standard came the promotion of a process approach to quality management. QMS Conversion: A Process Approach helps organizations to convert their existing quality management systems of documentation into systems of managed processes that deliver business benefits.


A Real Change in Direction; Processes versus Procedures; Quality Management System Principles; The Conversion Process; Planning for Change; Modeling the Business; Organizing Process Development Teams; Process Analysis; System Construction; Successful System Validation; Sample Flow Charts


David Hoyle has over 30 years experience in quality management. He held managerial positions with British Aerospace and Ferranti International. As a management consultant; firstly, with Neville-Clarke Ltd and before forming Transition Support Ltd, as an independent, he guided such companies as General Motors, Civil Aviation Authority and Bell Atlantic through their ISO 9000 programs. He has delivered quality management and auditor training course throughout the world and published five books with Butterworth-Heinemann on ISO 9000, some of which have been translated into Spanish, Japanese and Mandarin. Worldwide sales of his first book, now in its fourth edition, have reached over 30,000 copies. He participates in various committees of the Institute of Quality Assurance and has been engaged in the revision of ISO 9000. He is a Chartered Engineer, Fellow if the Institute of Quality Assurance, an IRCA registered Lead Auditor and Member of the Royal Aeronautical Society.
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