Explaining Explanation

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November 1992



How does one explain the concept of 'explanation'? The attempts of Plato, Aristotle, Mill and Hempel are here examined, and the author provides his own solution to this question, both within philosophy of science and


Preface and Acknowledgements Getting our Bearings Plato on Explanation Aristotle on Explanation Mill and Hempel on Explanation The Ontology of Explanation Arguments, Laws and Explanation A Realist Theory of Explanation Notes Bibliography Name Index Subject Index


"Ruben utilizes concepts gleaned from the theories of explanation offered by Plato, Aristotle, John Stuart Mill, and Carl Hempel to elaborate his own realist theory . . . . The volume succeeds admirably in being accessible to undergraduates and helpful to specialists in the field."
From the reviews of the cloth edition: -"Choice
""Explaining Explanation is what many books claim to be, but few actually are a book that is both accessible to the advanced undergraduate' and of interest to professional philosophers. It presents a good overview of a wide spectrum of work on explanation with admirable clarity and concision . . . Ruben has interesting and insightful things to say about every topic he discusses."
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