Coming Back

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September 2006



A moving and compelling story of recovery, told by one of New Zealand's foremost writers.


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David Hill was born in the 1940s and spent most of his childhood and teenage years in Napier. He studied at Victoria University and became a high school teacher, teaching both in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. He became a full-time writer in 1982 and is the author of several books for adults. His short stories and plays for teenagers and young readers have been published and broadcast in New Zealand, Australia and the USA. David Hill says writing gives him great pleasure. 'It's the feeling that you've made something. Lots of other people will make much better things than you, but no one will ever make the same. What you've done is unique and that's a marvelous feeling,' he says. David Hill writes from his home in New Plymouth where he lives with his wife Beth. He enjoys tramping, reading and cheering for the All Blacks. His books include: See Ya, Simon published 1992 Take it Easy published 1995 Cold Comfort published 1996 Treasure Deep published 1997 Comes Naturally published 1998 Time Out published 1999 Afterwards published 2000 The Name of the Game published 2001 Right Where it Hurts published 2002 No Safe Harbour published 2003


"This is a fine book for young adults who want to learn to drive. It makes clear how quickly things can go wrong and never be right again." Classroom Magazine. "Every teen should read this book before setting foot ina car. Come to think of it, most adults should too." NZ Inspired Magazine. "David Hill has ably assumed the persona of the contemporary teen. ...despite its subject matter, this is a novel about hope, about budding romantic attachments, about developing one's talents, and above all, about supporting others. Recommended." Tailspinner Magazine
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