London Chartism 1838 1848

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This book is the first full-length study of metropolitan Chartism.


List of tables; List of illustrations; Preface; Acknowledgments; Map; Part I. The Character of London and its Chartism: 1. Some aspects of London in the Chartist period; 2. The metropolitan economy; 3. A profile of London Chartism; Part II. The Course of Events: 4. The political background to Chartism; 5. 1838-1840: apathetic London; 6. 1840-1842: The success of London Chartism; 7. 1843-1847: difficult years; 8. The Irish; 9. 1848: turbulent London; Part III. Disturbance and the Maintenance of Order: 10. Metropolis and police; 11. Riot; 12. Riot: the maintenance of order; 13. The great meetings of 1848; 14. The great meetings: the maintenance of order; Part IV. The Trades: 15. Introduction; 16. The boot and shoemakers; 17. The tailors; 18. The building trades; 19. The silk-weavers; 20. The metal trades; 21. The furniture trades; 22. The hatters; 23. The leather trades; 24. The printing and book trades; 25. The jewellery trades and watchmaking; 26. The riverside trades; 27. The bakers; 28. The linen drapers' assistants - and other non-manual workers; 29. Labourers; Conclusion; Appendices; Notes; Bibliography; Index.
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