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April 2007



Explores the ways in which researchers embrace people's creativity in order to understand social experience. This book outlines studies in which people have been asked to make visual things and then interpret them. It provides insights into how individuals present themselves, understand their own life story, and connect with the social world.


1. Introduction
2. The Self and Creativity
3. Science and What we can Say about the World
4. Social Science and Social Experience
5. Inside the Brain
6. Using Visual and Creative Methods
7. More Visual Sociologies
8. Building Identities in Metaphors
9. What a Whole Identity Model Means
10. Conclusion: Eleven Findings on Methods, Identities, and Audiences


David Gauntlett is Professor of Media and Communications, University of Westminster, London. He is the author of several books on media audiences and identities, including Media, Gender and Identity (2002) and Moving Experiences (Second Edition, 2005). He produces the award-winning website on media and identities,, and the hub for creative methodologies,
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