Sky Wars: A History of Military Aerospace Power

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April 2004



In "Sky Wars," David Gates examines the history of military aerospace power. He examines technical developments between the First and Second World Wars, and the use of air power in subsequent wars. At the same time he explores the military and civil applications of air power in the contemporary world, some of which have led to scientific and technical advances of great benefit to humanity. He also covers the latest developments in "smart" technologies used in the war with Iraq.
David Gates is deputy director of the Centre for Defence and Inter-national Security Studies at Lancaster University, U.K. He is the author of many books, including "Warfare in the Nineteenth Century" (2001).


David Gates is Deputy Director of the Centre for Defence and International Security Studies at the University of Lancaster and the author of The Spanish Ulcer: A History of the Peninsular War (1986), Non-offensive Defence (1991) and Warfare in the Nineteenth Century (1998).


'Sky Wars provides an ideal review of the first 100 years of military aerospace power, giving the enthusiast a fuller understanding of the philosophy behind today's major air forces.' - Aeroplane 'The author has skillfully interwoven the history with his own thoughts on the subject and comes up with fascinating theories on how events could have had different outcomes if other avenues had been explored.' - Aviation News 'In this brief centennial overview, Gates juxtaposes air power's technological sophistication with the often inappropriate political and military strategies that have governed its use. Figuring prominently are treatments of strategic bombing theory from Douhet to LeMay, the strategic failure of Hitler's V weapons, Vietnam era technocentric myopia, and observations on military technology's globalizing cultural influences. Less typical of one-volume aviation histories is the cataloging of a first-rate air arm's weaknesses and the unsupportable political expense they can incur ... Recommended.' - Choice
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