The God That Failed

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The God That Failed is a classic work and crucial document of the Cold War that brings together essays by six of the most important writers of the twentieth century on their conversion to and subsequent disillusionment with communism. In describing their own experiences, the authors illustrate the fate of leftism around the world. André Gide (France), Richard Wright (the United States), Ignazio Silone (Italy), Stephen Spender (England), Arthur Koestler (Germany), and Louis Fischer, an American foreign correspondent, all tell how their search for the betterment of humanity led them to communism, and the personal agony and revulsion which then caused them to reject it. David Engerman's new foreword to this central work of our time recounts the tumultuous events of the era, providing essential background. It also describes the book's origins and impact, the influence of communism in American intellectual life, and how the events described in The God That Failed provide important lessons today.


Foreword, by David Engerman
Introduction, by Richard Crossman, M.P.
The Initiates
Arthur Koestler
Ignazio Silone
Richard Wright
Worshipers from Afar
André Gide, by presented by Dr. Enid Starkie
Louis Fischer
Stephen Spender


Edited by Richard Crossman. with a New Foreword by David Engerman


"This book is an engrossing study of why men join a Communist party and the reasons why they are eventually compelled to resign... Engerman has done an admirable job of explaining the context of this work." -- Donald F. Busky, The Historian
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