M.A.D.: Mutual Assured Destruction

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April 2004



Full-length plays include Festen (a dramatisation of the Dogme film, Almieda Theatre 2004); Serving It Up (Bush Theatre, 1996); A Week With Tony (Finborough Theatre, 1996); Summer Begins (RNT Studio & Donmar Warehouse, Four Corners Festival of New Writing, 1997); Falling (Hampstead Theatre, A Small Drop of Ink Festival of New Writing, 1999), and Under the Blue Sky (Royal Court Jerwood Theatre Upst airs, 2000), which in January 2001 was awarded the Time Out Live Award for Best New Play in the West End. His short plays include Cabbage for, Tea, Tea, Tea! (Exeter University, 1995), Fighting for Br eath (Finborough Theatre, 1995), Dirty (Theatre Royal Stratford East, Young Voices, 1996) and Thanks Mum (Red Room & BAC, 1998). Television and short film includes Killers (BBC Choice) and The Nugget Run (16th Foyle Film Festival). Radio includes Michael and Me and Stratford, Ilford, Romford and all Stations to Shenfield (BBC Radio 4).
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