Love on the Dotted Line

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April 2006



What happens when love and litigation collide? One thing's for sure -- hell hath no fury like an attorney scorned! Morgan Chase, a thirty-four-year-old contracts lawyer, is pushed to her romantic wit's end when she discovers that her boyfriend of nine months, investment banker Marcus Alexander, has been diversifying his "portfolio" with another woman. After a few hours of venting with her girlfriends, and more than a few drinks, Morgan decides that the only way you can guarantee that a man will act right after you've been intimate is if you make him sign a contract before you've been intimate. Sparks fly, tempers flare, and emotions hit the fan when the man Morgan finally convinces to sign her contract is caught red-handed with another woman. What follows is an ingeniously plotted and thoroughly entertaining fusion of comedy, romance, and courtroom mayhem...


David E. Talbert is also the author of Love, Lies and Lawsuits, Baggage Claim (also available from Turnaround) and 11 stage plays. He lives with his wife in Woodland Hills, California.

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