The Big Book of Color in Design

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Oktober 2004



Now available in paperback, The Big Book of Color in Design focuses on color as a tool to create moods and symbolic images. The book is categorized into 30 different sections, such as "classy,""hot,""regal," or "corporate." Each section features current graphic design projects that fit into these moods. For the designer looking for fresh ideas on how to use color, this volume is a treasure chest. Under the "hot" section, the obvious uses of red and orange are shown. But a neon colored car can also be considered as "hot." For each of the featured projects, a "color chip" appears, with the CMYK formula for creating a similar tone. In all, hundreds of examples of use of color in brochures, ads, logos and other categories of graphic design appear in this breakthrough book.


A noted authority on the subjects of graphic design, logo design, and corporate branding, David E. Carter has produced over 100 best-selling books in those fields. He lives in Ashland, KY.

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