Building Essays: A Reader-Centered Writing Guide

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September 1999



This innovative reader-centered rhetoric uses an inductive approach and a <metaphor to stress activity over concepts by continuously tying abstract conceptual learning to practical application. Offers a lively, informal writing style and an easy-to-understand <metaphor throughout. Features Application exercises with practical use and relevance to the concept under discussion. Includes internet information tied to but not into the composition process. An invaluable workbook/reference book for any professional seeking to polish his/her writing style.


1. The Writer as Builder. I. BUILDING FROM PRIVATE RESOURCES. 2. Laying the Foundation. 3. Developing the Structure. 4. Finishing the Exterior. 5. Finishing the Interior. 6. Building Additional Structures. II. BUILDING FROM PUBLIC RESOURCES. 7. Laying a Foundation for Argument. 8. Building the Public Structure. 9. Maintaining Structural Integrity: Critical Thinking. 10. Completing the Public Structure. III. MANAGING THE MECHANICS OF DOCUMENTATION. Appendix: Answers to Brain Teasers. Index.
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