The Little Book of Man City

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Up one season, down the next: there's never a dull moment at Manchester City and no football club's profile has become higher than City's since the takeover by Middle Eastern investors in 2008. The millions of pounds they have spent on world superstars - and allegedly billions offered to others - has kept the media at the Eastlands doorstep on a daily basis. And their loyal fans have ridden the roller-coaster of English football's wildest ups and downs for so long they hardly know which division they're in, yet they keep coming back for more. It's all recorded in "The Little Book of Man City", a selection of the wit and wisdom of the great characters who have been associated with the club. From managers, such as Malcolm Allison, Kevin Keegan and Roberto Mancini, via garrulous fans such as Radio 1's Mark and Lard and the Gallagher brothers to voluble players such as Francis Lee, Dennis Tueart, Rodney Marsh, Shay Given and Carlos Tevez, here are more than 180 funny and biting quotes for the avid fan of 'the only club in Manchester'. As their chaplain once said, 'Imagine where City would be if I hadn't been praying for them all these years'.


David Clayton, the editor of the official Manchester City monthly magazine, has written extensively about the club he loves, including The DVD Book of Manchester City, Man City: 50 Classic Matches and Some to Forget, Kinkladze: The Perfect 10?, Feed the Goat: The Shaun Goater Story and Blue Blood: The Mike Doyle Story. Like many true City fans he lives in Manchester.
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