Athanasius and Asceticism

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November 1998



"Brakke has presented us with a portrayal of Athanasius that can be believed and trusted." -- Journal of Religion


David Brakke is an associate professor of religious studies at Indiana University.


There is much to commend in this fine book... Brakke does not succumb to the reductionist tendencies of Athanasian studies: he presents a theologically articulate, often misunderstood, ascetically oriented, ecclesiastically dedicated, visionary, and well-educated theologian whose agenda was to create a church in which all could have easy access and full status. Brakke has presented us with a portrayal of Athanasius that can be believed and trusted. -- Richard Valantasis Journal of Religion Advances our understanding of Athanasius and of Christian asceticism. Brakke brings a social historian's sophistication and a linguist's ability... providing a clear thesis with which to reckon. -- Joseph W. Trigg Church History A splendid contribution to the continuing debates about the relation of theology to politics in the controversies of the fourth Christian history. Theology A fine book... Brakke argues convincingly that Athanasius sought both to regulate the role of virgins (and women in general) in the life of the Church by removing them from public activities and to persuade the men who lived as monks... to become more actively involved in their local churches. Journal of Ecclesiastical History
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