Dylan and Cohen

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April 2004



Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen are widely acknowledged as the great pop poets of the 1960s, transforming the popular song into a medium for questioning the personal, social, and political norms of their times. They emerged at a time when the music industry was transforming the revolutionary sound of black music into something bland, homogenous, and fit for mass consumption. For many members of their generation, Dylan and Cohen were able to articulate what they were feeling and could not express: anti-establishment anger, angst, and despondency.


Introduction: The Popular as Political; 1. From Folk Roots to New Routes: The Avant Garde in America; 2. The Religious Experience; 3. Poets of a Generation; 4. Influences; 5. Art as Magic and Art as Amusement; 6. Dylan from Magic to Poetry; 7. Field Commander Cohen; Conclusions


David Boucher is Professorial Fellow in the School of European Studies, Cardiff University. His books include Political Theories of International Relations (Oxford University Press 1998); and British Idealism and Political Theory (Edinburgh University Press, 2000).


Those researching the course of modern culture will no doubt find the heavily annotated work of use. Kerry Dexter, Dirty Linen #114, October / November 2004
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