Music Therapy Research and Practice in Medicine

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September 2000



In this interdisciplinary and wide-ranging volume, David Aldridge explores the power of music as a healing treatment for a broad spectrum of physical and mental conditions. Interweaving theory and practice, Aldridge demonstrates the many ways in which a culture of research may be developed in a practice setting to the benefit of all.


1. Getting Started
2. Health as Performance
3. Communication and the Playing of Improvised Music
4. Music Therapy Research in the Medical Literature
5. Aesthetics and the Individual in the Practice of Research
6. Single Case Designs for the Creative Music Therapist
7. Shared Meanings
8. Music Therapy and Inflammatory Bowel Disease
9. Music Therapy with the Elderly
10. Hope, Meaning and Music Therapy in the Treatment of Life-Threatening Illness
11. Creative Music Therapy in the Treatment of Children with Developmental Delay
12. The Credible Practitioner in the Community of Inquiry. References. Index.


David Aldridge is Professor for Clinical Research Methods in the Institut fur Musiktherapie at the University Witten Herdecke, Germany.
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