Early New England: A Covenanted Society

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The idea of covenant was at the heart of early New England society. In this important book David Weir explores the origins and development of covenant thought in America by analyzing the civil and church documents generated and signed by seventeenth-century New Englanders.Unmatched in its breadth of study, this volume takes into account "all" of the surviving covenants in "all" of the New England colonies. This comprehensive survey of seventeenth-century covenants leads to a more complex picture of early New England commitments than portrayed in famous civil covenants like the Mayflower Compact. Weirbs work shows covenant theology being transformed into a covenantal vision for society, but also reveals the stress and strains on church and state relationships that eventually led to more secularized colonial governments in eighteenth-century New England. He concludes that New England colonial society was much more bEnglishb and much less bAmericanb than has often been thought, and that New England colonies substantially mirrored religious and social change in Old England.


Acknowledgments List of Tables and Figures Abbreviations Explanation of Quotation Style and Terminology Introduction The European Background The Colonial Charters of Early New England The Civil Covenants of Early New England The Church Covenants of Early New England I: The Standing Order The Church Covenants of Early New England II: The Dissenters The Covenantal Confessions of Early New England: The Seeds of Diversity Conclusion Appendix 1 A Listing of Seventeenth-Century Towns, Churches, and Native American Praying Places in or Related to New England, Including a Checklist of Covenant and Foundational Activity, 1620-1708 Appendix 2 Typology of Early New England Local Civil Covenants, Arranged Chronologically Bibliographical Essay Notes Index


David A. Weir is professor of history at Nyack College in New York. His other book is The Origins of the Federal Theology in Sixteenth-Century Reformation Thought.


"David Weir has given us the most detailed study of the civil and church covenants of colonial New England that we have ever had. Moving far beneath the reflections of the theologians, he shows us how the concept of covenant functioned among ordinary settlers attempting to live together in isolated and hazardous colonies. This is a thorough, judicious, and deeply informative book." E Brooks Holifield
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