Theory of Education

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September 2005



To date, theory in Education Studies has been dominated by a particular view of what should count as 'scientific' theory. David Turner argues that this approach does not necessarily provide a firm foundation for policy planning and professional activity. Using examples from linear programming, game theory, decision theory and chaos theory, he demonstrates how certain insights from modern developments in the social sciences, for example, can be used to stimulate more rewarding debate amongst educational researchers.


1. Theory in Education: Stuck in the Mud with the Wheels Spinning; 2. Clearing the Ground; 3. Large Scale Statistical Survey Methods; 4. Action Research; 5. Postmodernism; 6. Game Theory and Individual Choice in Schooling; 7. Linear Programming and Sociological Laws; 8. Linear Programming and Educational Policy; 9. Group Decision Making; 10. Chaos and Complexity; 11. Conclusions


David Turner Is Professor of Education at the University of Glamorgan. Before he entered academia, he taught as a physics teacher in secondary schools in England.


"'... Every chapter has an important Idea in it, and the last sentence happily promises a sequel'. Tyrell Burgess, Professor Emeritus in the Philosophy of Social Institutions, University of East London. 'I thought the book was provocative and original...' Patricia Broadfoot, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Professor of Education at the University of Bristol."
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