The Peon Book: How to Manage Us

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April 2004



The Peon Book is a funny, informative look at management from the viewpoint of those being managed, the Peons. The author - a self-proclaimed Chief Executive Peon - gives managers simple strategies for improving motivation, productivity and job satisfaction for employees. The Peon Book is written in a common sense, easy-to-read tone that is both witty and wise. Every boss can benefit, and every employee can empathise with the words in The Peon Book.


Chapter 1: Get Trustworthy; Chapter 2: Get Personal; Chapter 3: Treat People Like They Are People; Chapter 4: Get In The Trenches; Chapter 6: Get Organized; Chapter 7: Get Going


David Haynes is the publisher and one of the writers for TheArizona, a satirical email column. He has a bachelors degree in marketing and is currently working to complete his MBA.
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