The Ground of Professional Ethics

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Dezember 1994



As each week beings more stories of doctors, lawyers and other professionals abusing their powers, while clients demand extra services as at a time of shrinking resources; it is imperative that all practising professionals have an understanding of professional ethics. In The Ground of Profesional Ethics, Daryl Koehn discusses the practical issues in depth, such as the level of service clients can justifiably expect from professionals, when service to a client may be legitimately terminated and circumstances in which client confidences can be broken. She argues that, while clients may legitimately expect professionals to promote their interests, professionals are not morally bound to do whatever a client wants. The Ground of Professional Ethics is important reading for all practising professionals, as well as those who study or have an interest in the subject of professional ethics.


1. Introduction 2. The Untrustworthiness of Professional Expertise 3. Delegitimating Client Contracts 4. The Public Pledge as the Ground of Professional Authority 5. The Moral Legitimacy of the Ends of the Professions 6. Limiting the Exercise of Professional Discretion 7. the Professional's Good 8. The Professional and the Public good 8. Conclusion Bibliography Index
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