Emotional Intelligence: Achieving Academic and Career Excellence

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For courses in: College Success, Psychology of Success, Learning Frameworks, Intro/Foundation courses in any discipline, Teacher education, Counseling, Adult education, Leadership.

Research-derived best practices of emotional intelligence are taught through experienced-based learning.

The second edition of this supplemental text continues to provide students with the tools to cultivate emotionally intelligent behavior for success both inside and outside of the classroom. Through 13 in-depth emotional intelligence skill lessons, new students and first generation students will be guided along practical pathways to student learning and leadership with the aide of caring research-derived advice, helpful illustrations, and experience-based learning opportunities that will help them grow confidence and excel in all aspects of their lives.

Engaging, positive, and learner-centered, the new edition of Emotional Intelligence includes theory-based information on why emotional learning works, real-life examples of emotional intelligence in the classroom, and new findings regarding the importance of meaningful personal learning and leading in the classroom.

The Institute for Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a self-sustaining education initiative whose mission is to promote and facilitate the exchange of applications, best practices, and the latest research connected with the education-based theory of EI. For more information on the annual conference, please visit here


Introduction Emotional Intelligence and Your Emotional Mind Chapter 1 Your Emotional MindThe Emotional SystemBreaking the Emotional Reactivity HabitHealthy Learning EnvironmentsStress, Burnout, and BoredomCollege Success FactorsHigh Achievement and Self-Directed LearningTwelve Important Lessons Chapter 2 Developing an Emotionally Healthy MindThe Emotional Learning SystemApplying the Emotional Learning SystemLearning StylesNecessary Conditions for LearningChanging Your Emotional MindThe Emotional Skills Assessment Process Chapter 3 Interpersonal Skills: Assertion and Anger Management and Anxiety ManagementAssertionEmotional Intelligence Lesson 1: AssertionAnger ManagementEmotional Intelligence Lesson 2: Anger ManagementAnxiety ManagementEmotional Intelligence Lesson 3: Anxiety ManagementWhen Emotions Are Negative Chapter 4 Leadership Skills: Social Awareness, Empathy, Decision Making, and Positive InfluenceSocial AwarenessEmotional Intelligence Lesson 4: Social AwarenessEmpathyEmotional Intelligence Lesson 5: EmpathyDecision MakingEmotional Intelligence Lesson 6: Decision MakingPositive InfluenceEmotional Intelligence Lesson 7: Positive Influence Chapter 5 Self-Management Skills: Drive Strength, Commitment Ethic, Time Management, and Positive ChangeDrive StrengthEmotional Intelligence Lesson 8: Drive StrengthGoal ChecklistCommitment EthicEmotional Intelligence Lesson 9: CommitmentTime ManagementEmotional Intelligence Lesson 10: TimeGoal ChecklistPotential Problem Area: Change OrientationPositive ChangeEmotional Intelligence Lesson 11: Positive Change Chapter 6: Intrapersonal Skills: Self-Esteem and Stress ManagementSelf-EsteemEmotional Intelligence Lesson 12: Self-EsteeemStress ManagementEmotional Intelligence Lesson 13: Stress Chapter 7 Self-Renewal and Personal ExcellenceThoughts About Excellence and Self-RenewalPersonal ExcellenceSystems, Principles, and SkillsEmotional Skills ProfilePersonal Excellence InventoryContinuum of ExcellenceSelf-RenewalAchieving Academic and Career ExcellenceLifelong Emotional LearningLast WordImagineering Activities for Renewal and Development Appendix: Emotional Intelligence Theories


Darwin Nelson, Ph.D., is a Consulting Psychologist and Diplomate, American Psychotherapy Association, Patron and Life Member, Forumn for Emotional Intelligence Learning (FEIL) in India, and Principal, Emotional Intelligence Learning Systems, Inc. He is cofounder of the Emotional Intelligence Training and Research Institute (EITRI) and has held tenured professorships in Psychology and Education, Texas A&M University-Kingsville. He has taught at every level from secondary to doctoral. Gary Low, Ph.D., is Professor Emeritus of Education, Texas A&M University-Kingsville, a Consulting Psychologist, Patron and Life Member, Forum for EI Learning (FEIL) in India, and Principal, Emotional Intelligence Learning Systems, Inc. He is cofounder of the Emotional Intelligence Training and Research Institute (EITRI). He has served as professor, department chair, director of major programs, and dean at Texas A&M-Kingsville. He has developed and taught EI courses for first-generation college students, graduate, and doctoral students. Friends since first grade and working together since 1977, Darwin Nelson and Gary Low have created, researched, and developed the education, transformative theory and model of emotional intelligence and the Emotional Learning System. Together and individually, they have authored books, articles, and positive assessment instruments used worldwide in education, training, and teaching. Now, spanning four decades, they work collaboratively with educators, organizations, and colleges in designing and implementing EI curricula, programs, and resources to build healthy students, people, organizations, and communities.
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