Religious Conversion: Contemporary Practices and Controversies

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Conversion has been an important issue for most of the universal religions - those usually associated with a founder, such as Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and Judaism - which have a mission to spread their message. Other religions have been less concerned with conversion except in so far as it has been a negative force for them to confront. This study explores how conversion has been understood by different religions during different eras, and includes a survey of the textual, legal, ritual, historic and experiential dimensions of the phenomenon of conversion.>


Part 1 Conversion - theoretical perspectives: converting -stages of religious change, Lewis R. Rambo and Charles E. Farhadian; conversion, inward and outward, Donald Taylor; conversion - up from evangelicalism or the pentecostal and charismatic experience, Frank K. Flinn. Part 2 Conversion in the world's religions: conversion as a process leading to enlightenment - the Buddhist perspective, Christopher Lamb; conversion to Judaism - a tale of the good, the bad and the ungrateful slanders or saviours, Rabbi Rodney Marriner; conversion from within and without in Chinese religion, Jordan Paper; contra conversion - the case of the Zoroastrians of India, Homi B. Dala; conversion - a Hindu/Ghandian perspective, K.L. Seshagiri Rao; conversion to Islam - the Qur'anic paradigm, Yasin Dutton; conversion in the Sikh tradition, Doris R. Jakobsh. Part 3 Conversion in Christianity: conversion in Christianity - from without and from within, M. Darrol Bryant; charismatic conversion in the light of Augustine's confessions, Karla Poewe; conversion in an African tradition, Irving Hexham; the Benedictine vow "Conversio Morum", Dame Macrina Sitzia. Part 4 Contemporary cases of conversion: coming home and coming out pagan (but not converting), Graham Harvey; continuing conversion - a personal journey, Father Tim Edgar; the story of Darshan Singh, a French convert, Darshan Singh Rudel; belonging to a cult or new religious movement - act of freewill of mind control, Rev Martin Eggleton; being Hindu in North America - the experience of a western convert, Tamai Krishna Goswami; cult conversions - controversy and clarification, Lorne L. Dawson; rediscovering Islam - a Muslim journey of faith, Sophie Gilliat.


M. Darroll Bryant, is professor of Religion and Culture at Renison College and Chairman of the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Waterloo in Ontario.


" the volume does an excellent job of distinguishing between ethnic and universal religions, pointing out that conversion is more apt to be associated with the universal religions this is an excellent volume, one that should be on the shelf of any scholar or student interested in conversion. Perhaps its strongest point is that it is written in a style that makes it accessible both to scholars and to lay persons." Hindu-Christian Studies, 14 (2001)
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