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August 2000



Spotlighting Asian Americans on both sides of the motion picture camera, this book examines the aesthetics, material circumstances, and politics of a broad spectrum of films released in the last thirty years. It focuses in particular on the growing presence of Asian Americans as makers of independent films and cross-over successes.


List of Illustrations Acknowledgments 1. Introduction: On Asian American Film and Criticism --Darrell Y. Hamamoto Part I: Resignifying Asian American Bodies 2. When Dragon Ladies Die, Do They Come Back as Butterflies? Re-Imagining Anna May Wong --Cynthia W. Liu 3. Recuperating Suzie Wong: A Fan's Nancy Kwan-dary --Peter X. Feng Part II: Negotiating Institutional Boundaries 4. The Joy Fuck Club: Prolegomenon to an Asian American Porno Practice --Darrell Y. Hamamoto 5. Negotiating the Meaning of Access: Wayne Wang's Contingent Film Practice --Sandra Liu 6. Through the Mirror, Sideways --Lindsey Jang Part III: Critical Approaches to Representing Japanese American Internment 7. Re/membering Spectators: Meditations on Japanese American Culture --Kent A. Ono 8. Antidote for Collective Amnesia: Rea Tajri's Germinal Image --Glen Masato Mimura 9. The Gendering of Historical Trauma in Internment Camp Documentary: The Case of Steven Okazaki's Days of Waiting --Elena Tajima Creef Part IV: Exploring Form 10. Fighting Fire with Fire: Detournement, Activism, and Video Art --Valerie Soe 11. Hybrid Cinema by Asian American Women --Jun Xing 12. Character-Zone: A Conversation with Trinh T. Minh-ha --Gwendolyn Foster and Trinh T. Minh-ha 13. Bad Asians: New Film and Video by Queer Asian American Artists --Eve Oishi Part V: Going Beyond the Nation-Based Model: Diasporas and Hybrid Identities 14. No Mo Po Mo and Other Tales of the Road, Renee Tajima-Pena 15. "Unashamed to be so beautiful": An Interview with Celine Salazar Psarrenas --Theodore S. Gonzalves 16. The Wedding Banquet: Global Chinese Cinema and the Asian American Experience --Gina Marchetti 17. Cultural Identity and Diaspora in Contemporary Hong Kong Cinema --Julian Stringer Distributors About the Contributors


"The essays in Countervisions venture beyond representation within the nation to other cinematic spaces--transnational, queer, and "neo-Asian American"--making this an exciting contribution to ethnic studies, film studies, and cultural studies." --Lisa Lowe, University of California, San Diego and author of Immigrant Acts "Countervisions provides cutting-edge film criticism which addresses representations and productions concerning Asian-Americans from both mainstream and alternative sources. Representing a broad spectrum of positions and issues, the reader provides a rich collection of material that demonstrates the growing significance of Asian-American cultural studies and cinematic practices." --Douglas Kellner, UCLA and author of Media Culture "Countervisions is an exhilarating, much-needed examination of the multi-faceted world of Asian American film and video. The writing is lively; the observations acute and well-informed by an historical perspective and a forward-looking contemporary sensibility. Above all, Countervisions lives up to its title by providing multiple interpretations of contemporary Asian American images and representations." --Eddie Wong, Executive Director of NAATA
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