Why Things Burn

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Mai 2001



For many performance poets, the simple act of writing down the words can kill a poem's spirit and energy. Not so with Daphne Gottlieb. In Why Things Burn, Gottlieb tackles sexuality, lesbian issues, rape, urban life, and a host of other topics with the same power of her live performances.


Daphne Gottlieb is a prolific performer and promoter. She is a big favourite in the San Francisco poetry scene and has toured her poetry across the United States. Her previous collection was Pelt (published by Odd Girls Press) and she also writes a column for Metroleum, a popular website.


"...a wickedly smart sense of humour, edged with the pain of human fallibility...Clever, fun, and deep all at once." - Jennifer Joseph, San Francisco Bay Guardian "Her poems have the complexity and depth of character that you expect from a good novel. She can also use everyday situations to create extraordinary verse.""-Bay Area Reporter
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