Management Accounting Change

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Containing pedagogical features, including mini-cases, learning outcomes, key terms, article summaries, key concept boxes, real-world cases, chapter summaries and further reading suggestions and resources, this book covers the major topics in management accounting theory.


1. Management Accounting: Views, Approaches, Perspectives Part 1: Mechanistic Approaches 2. Toward Mass Production and Bureaucracy 3. Towards Product Costing 4. Towards Cost Controls and Budgeting 5. Towards Management Controls 6. Towards Economic Models Part 2: Post-Mechanistic Approaches 7. Towards Customer Orientation 8. Towards Flexible Manufacturing and Post-Bureaucracy 9. Towards Cost Management 10. Towards Strategic Management Accounting 11. Towards Management Accounting in New Organizations Part 3: Rational Perspectives 12. Neoclassical Economic Theories of MACh 13. Contingency Theory of MACh Part 4: Critical Perspectives 14. Naturalism in MACh 15. Political Economy of MACh 16. Post-Structuralism and Post-Modernism in MACh


Danture Wickramasinghe (B.Sc., M.Com, M.Sc., Ph.D.) obtained his PhD from the University of Manchester where he also teaches management accounting and control. He has taught management and accounting in a number of universities over 20 years and has publications in Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, Critical Perspectives on Accounting, Financial management (UK), Advances in Public Interest Accounting, and Journal of Accounting and Organizational Change. Chandana Alawattage (B.Sc., MBA., Ph.D.) obtained his PhD from Keele University and teaches management accounting at the University of Aberdeen Business School. He has taught management accounting and related subjects in a number of universities over 10 years and has publications in Critical Perspectives on Accounting, Journal of Accounting and Organizational Change and a number of conference proceedings in critical accounting.
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