Puppy Dog Tales

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Februar 2010



rom this very animal-minded Author with the sunny disposition we have a Children's Book for the very young reader comprising a collection of lovely tales centred mainly around dogs. The stories are all different, short, sweet, and feature doggies embarking upon their individual adventures. A diversity of situations involve the magical Copin, who can't bear to see anyone unhappy and who does his very best to rectify any sad situation; a lonely stray who finds love and comfort in a wonderful new home; a special Birthday gift for a set of twins who have difficulty choosing which puppy to have, but who make the right choice in the end; and a doggie in grave danger of being abandoned, but who is helped by two fairies who sort out the situation for him. Easy to follow and understand for even the youngest of readers, accompanied by pictures these tales have only the happiest of endings and make the perfect bedtime read.

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