The Rebels

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Juni 1992



The image of the outlaw biker is widely recognized in North American society. The reality is known only to insiders. To study the phenomenon of outlaw biker clubs, anthropologist Daniel Wolf bridged the gap between image and reality by becoming an insider.


Daniel R. Wolf teaches anthropology at the University of Prince Edward Island.


'The greatest strength of Wolf's work is the insight it gives into the mind-set of bikers. He makes one understand the importance that gang members attach to activities such as initiations, runs, and club meetings. He vividly portrays the pain and hardship that bikers endure to hold membership in a select and cohesive outlaw club...The book is outstanding because of the author's authenticity in two areas: He is a bona fide anthropologist and also a real biker. He knows both subcultures from the inside.' -- Columbus B. Hopper Journal of Contemporary Ethnography
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Untertitel: A Brotherhood of Outlaw Bikers. 'Heritage'. portraits. Sprache: Englisch.
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