Rounding the Horn: Being the Story of Williwaws and Windjammers, Drake, Darwin, Murdered Missionaries and Naked Natives--A Deck's-Eye Vie

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Murphy undertakes the ultimate maritime rite of passage, and brings the reader along for a thrilling, exuberant tour. He weaves together stories of his own nautical adventures with long-lost tales of those who braved the Cape before him.


Dallas Murphy is a novelist, playwright, and marine journalist. His plays have been produced Off Broadway, and his series of three novels featuring the reluctant sleuth Artie Deemer have been critically acclaimed. His most recent book, an account of Cape Horn, "Rounding the Horn," was published in 2004 by Basic Books. He lives in New York City.


"I can't remember the last time I had so much fun reading, curling up comfortably for such an articulate adventure. Murphy's writing is vivid, his tales by turns admiring, irreverent, contemplative."
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