The Integration of Mental Health Social Work and the Nhs

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Juni 2008



Setting the scene: the past, the present and possible futures
Government Direction: A policy framework
Social Work as an Identity within Mental Health Services
The social perspective versus the medical perspective: have we found a middle ground?
Ownership and the secondment of social work staff
Wholesale change?
Working in partnership
Health & social care budgets: will the fog ever lift?
Integrated services: where do the service users fit in?
Approved Mental Health Professionals: a Trojan horse
The experience of substance misuse: a word from the voluntary sector
From the other angle: a word from health
The integration agenda: what have we learnt so far?


Daisy has worked within social care for twelve years, both within voluntary and statutory sector organisations. Her areas of practice include mental health and substance misuse. Since 2003 she has been employed by NHS mental health partnership trusts in the northern and south eastern regions and has held social work leadership roles within both of these area, with emphasis on mental health act and mental capacity practice development and safeguarding vulnerable adult arrangements.
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