History and Theories of Psychology

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From the founding of psychology to the rise of cognitivism, from psychoanalysis to social constructionism, the wide-ranging history of psychology appears in this lucid, insightful textbook. David Jones and Jonathan Elcock trace the development of the discipline against the backdrop of the< br> intellectual, social, and political contexts in which it emerged. They go on to address critical topics of debate in contemporary psychology, such as biological determinism, folk psychology, and much more. The result is an ideal work for psychology courses, both general surveys and seminars and< br> specialized classes that call for a general background text.


Introduction History as Metatheory The Founding of Psychology The Early Development of Psychology The Development of Applied Psychology Psychoanalysis and Psychology Psychology and Society The Development of Social Psychology The Rise of Cognitivism Psychology and Minorities The Nature and Role of Contemporary Psychology Everyday Psychology Methodological Issues Cognitive Psychology Connectionism Social Constructionism.
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