Methods in Ecological & Agricultural Entomology

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Entomology as a branch of biological science has undergone rapid expansion and development in recent decades. There have been major advances in the technologies associated with pest management and the ecological studies that underpin much of this work. Greater emphasis is now placed on topics such as modelling and biochemical techniques, with new approaches to the study of insect behavior and insecticide efficacy making inroads into traditional approaches. This book aims to integrate the new approaches and technologies with traditional and well-proven methods. It provides a critical analysis and evaluation of methods available, through reference to general principles, but emphasis is also placed on providing detailed descriptions of methods and their application. Written by leading authorities from the UK, USA and Australia, the book is aimed at advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students in entomology and pest management.


Sampling, handling and rearing insects; monitoring insect behaviour; quantifying insect populations, population estimates and distribution; techniques for quantifying insect dispersal and migration; evaluation of factors affecting host plant selection; field experiments; injury, damage and threshold concepts; techniques in the study of insect pollination; techniques to evaluate insecticide efficacy; techniques to evaluate the efficacy of biological control agents; biochemical techniques; modelling.
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