The Wilderness

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August 2000



"The Wilderness" examines human flesh in all its gruesome fascination: disease, madness, hunger, the taste of flies in the mouth.


D.N. Stuefloten has spent most of his life wandering around the world writing his strange novels and stories. He has been a black market money-changer in Ceylon, a smuggler in India, a dynamiter in Australia, a fisherman in the South Seas, a magician's assistant in Africa. He was once smuggled into Borneo by Moro pirates--their outrigger canoe had three outboard engines in back, and a machine gun in front--and has lived clandestinely in the Mayan ruins of Yaxchilan and Palenque. He currently lives in a small town in southern California with his wife, the Mexican poet and ceramic artist Jacqueline Lizarraga de Stuefloten.
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