A Red Hot New Year

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November 2007



New Year's Bites by Cynthia Eden:
After quiet, good-girl Anna Summers is bitten by a large, wolf-like creature on New Year's Eve, her life changes-and she takes a walk on the real wild side with her sexy rescuer, Jon York, a man who is much more than he seems...
Night Resolutions by Diana Mercury:
Chantal attends a house party at a luxurious estate during the week between Christmas and New Year's Day hoping to reignite the passion with her somewhat lackluster boyfriend Billy. But instead she finds explosive heat with Billy's best friend.
Snow Blind by Virginia Reede:
When two couples go on a New Year's weekend vacation in a beautiful mountain cabin, they find that long winter nights are perfect for swapping partners.
Coming on Strong by Denise Rossetti:
Gina McBride is just a typical young woman who happens to be a bit of a...dragon when she gets excited. And when she meets hottie photographer Sam Jones, her real animal nature comes out to play.

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