Citizens: Towards a Citizenship Culture

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Oktober 2001



This is the eighth book of a series published with "The Political Quarterly." Expert contributors including Joyce Macmillan, Michael Brunson, Karen Evans, John Maxton, Matthew Taylor, Neal Acherson, Yasmin-Alibhai Brown and Anthony Everitt. Asks how a radically more participative citizenship culture could be achieved - one where people think of themselves as citizens and act like citizens. Concerned with long-term proposals rather than short-term issues. Looking towards the middle years of the new century it offers a practical vision of a more democratic and genuinely inclusive society.


Notes on Contributors. Introduction. (Bernard Crick). Options for the Referendum on the Voting System. (Martin Linton). Party Democracy and Civic Renewal. (Matthew Taylor). Reforming the House of Commons. (John Maxton). Will Scottish Devolution Make a Difference? (Joyce McMillan). After Multiculturalism. (Yasmin Alibhai--Brown). How European Can We/ Will We Be? (Neal Ascherson). Culture and Citizenship. (Anthony Everitt). The Media. (Michael Brunson). Citizenship and Schools. (Richard Pring). The Need for Lifelong Learning. (Tom Schuller). Relationships Between Work and Life. (Karen Evans). The Voluntary Sector. (Isobel Lindsay). The Community Roots of Citizenship. (Henry tam). Accountability and Responsibility of Government and Public Bodies. (Anthony Barker). Citizenship in Britain: Attitudes and Behaviour. (Patrick Seyd, Paul Whiteley and Charles Pattie). The Divine Comedy of Contemporary Citizenship. (Colin Crouch). Index.


Sir Bernard Crick is Emeritus Professor of Birkbeck College, University of London.
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