The Maze and the Warrior

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Craig Wright explores the complex symbolism of the labyrinth in architecture, religious thought, music, and dance from the Middle Ages to the present.


Acknowledgments Prologue: Maze Mania 1. The Ancient and Early Christian Maze 2. The Maze as Symbol in the Church 3. The Theology of the Maze 4. The Warrior, the Lamb, and Astrology 5. The Dance of the Maze 6. Symbolizing the Christian Warrior 7. Sounds and Symbols of an Armed Man 8. The Maze of Pilgrimage and Pleasure 9. Musical Mazes from Moses to Mozart Epilogue: The Maze Reborn in an Ecumenical Age Appendix A. Musical Examples Appendix B. Tables Abbreviations Works Cited Notes Illustration Credits Index


Craig Wright is Professor of the History of Music, Yale University.


This book is a fascinating look at a subject that, while simple in concept, is intricate in the tapestry of ideas it combines. Wright weaves a fascinating tale of scholarly inquiry by examining the maze or labyrinth from the Middle Ages to the present in Western art, architecture, music, dance, and religious thought. The journey of the maze is from sin to salvation; the savior figure that leads us is the warrior and spiritual seeker...His particular emphasis on music is refreshing and enlivens readers' understanding of the whole sensory experience of the Christian church. Most important, this work is a joy to read and reflect on. -- L. L. Lam-Easton Choice 20020201 "Wright's maze is the labyrinth. His warrior is Theseus, Christ, the Cristian soldier, l'homme arme, the pilgrim, or the lover, who enters the labyrinth to meet a challenge at its center and continues through the unicursal path to a victorious exit. In direct and engaging prose, this book traces the two symbols from their first appearance in literature and architecture, through their interpretations in theology, to the ceremonies, games , and performances they inspired ... It is a work of major consequence ... Wright's book invites no less than a new appraisal of the history and historiography of Western music, one more cognizant of myth, belief, and symbol as generative forces in human creativity." -- Barbara Haggh Journal of the American Musicological Society The Maze and the Warrior is quite a book. The author wears his great learning with great lightness...He has fashioned this book for general readers rather than musicologists and musicians. -- Joseph Kerman New York Review of Books 20040624 The book is a fascinating exploration of a neglected aspect of medieval religious culture which opens up multiple aspects of that culture through the author's virtuoso power to unfold layer after layer of meaning from what might originally seem an innocuous symbol. -- Peter W. Williams Religious Studies Review
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